Pipeline Inspection Services

Safety & Quality

NIS takes pride in offering certified cathodic protection and coating inspection personnel, serving as trusted client representatives on pipeline projects. NIS inspectors prioritize safety by conducting safety meetings with contractors periodically throughout the day to identify and mitigate potential hazards and risks.

Our inspectors bring a high level of expertise and professionalism to every project. They are OSHA 30 certified, well versed in current safety standards, and possess a keen attention to detail. This ensures that safety remains paramount throughout the duration of the project. Our inspectors diligently complete and maintain all daily and project related documentation in accordance with regulatory requirements, including those stipulated by DOT, PHSMA, and our valued clients. Additionally, our inspectors hold the Operator Qualifications necessary for the tasks they perform, further emphasizing our commitment to excellence.

At NIS, we deliver a comprehensive final project package that includes organized files, detailed photographs, required permits, and precise drawings, ensuring that clients have a comprehensive record of the project’s progress and outcomes.

NIS inspectors hold NACE/AMPP certifications, including Cathodic Protection (CP) Level 1 or 2 and/or Coating Inspector Program (CIP) Level 1 or 2. Our inspectors are experienced in performing ACM inspections of existing coating in facilities and on the right-of-way.

With NIS, clients can trust in our experienced inspectors to provide oversight, adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality, and deliver comprehensive project documentation. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards make us the preferred choice for ensuring the success and integrity of pipeline projects.