AC Mitigation

Monitor & Mitigate

In an environment where pipelines and high voltage power distribution systems vie for the limited right-of-way, the continuous evolution of our energy infrastructure has amplified the demand for non-invasive AC interference and mitigation solutions.

NIS has positioned itself as a leading provider of AC mitigation programs. These programs not only diagnose the sources of interference but also provide specific strategies to eliminate hazardous AC currents, ensuring the safeguarding of both personnel and structures.

At NIS, we understand the critical importance of preserving the integrity of energy infrastructure and ensuring the safety of personnel. With our expertise, cutting edge tools, and meticulous approach, we stand ready to provide tailored solutions that effectively address AC interference challenges while facilitating the continued advancement of energy infrastructure. Count on NIS as your trusted partner in AC mitigation and interference solutions.

Additional AC Related Service Options:

  • Soil testing with Variable Frequency Instruments
  • Multi-layer Soil Resistivity Measurements and Modeling
  • Subsurface Geologic Investigations
  • Electrical Ground Resistance-to-Earth Measurements
  • High Voltage Transmission System Analysis
  • Modeling of Induced AC and Fault Currents
  • AC Interference Mitigation Designs and installation