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AC Mitigation

As pipelines and high-voltage power continue to fight for the position least traveled – and our energy infrastructure continues to evolve – there is an increased need for non-invasive interference testing and AC mitigation solutions. 

Northern Inspection Services (NIS) provides AC mitigation programs that determine the cause of the influence along with a strategy utilizing the latest technology to ground and decrease the likelihood of injury or code violation.

Additional AC Related Service Options:

  • Soil testing with Variable Frequency Instruments
  • Multi-layer Soil Resistivity Measurements and Modeling
  • Subsurface Geologic Investigations
  • Electrical Ground Resistance-to-Earth Measurements
  • High Voltage Transmission System Analysis
  • Modeling of Induced AC and Fault Currents
  • AC Interference Mitigation Designs

“AC mitigation is the process of applying a designed pipeline grounding system to prevent voltage spikes, reduce AC current density, and protect against AC induced corrosion and/ or shock hazards.”

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