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Pipeline Integrity Management

Maintaining Assets.  Inspection without Disruption.

Northern Inspection Services (NIS) offers non-destructive testing, project oversight and management on construction sites where a pipeline is exposed.  In doing so, NIS is able to ensure pipeline integrity and corrosion control solutions are being applied on behalf of pipeline system owners and operators to meet regulatory requirements, enhance safety and preserve the life of their assets.  

NIS project oversight encourages preventative and proactive maintenance of flowlines – without disruption. 

NIS certified inspectors can provide PHMSA compliant surveys as well as specific direct inspection NDT techniques that characterize defects found during ILI runs as well as capturing valuable geometric data relating to the pipeline. 

External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) uses NDT to provide actual defect information for use in Risk Based Inspection (RBI) software. 

Additional Pipeline Related Service Options:

  • Excavation for Repair of Coatings and Shorted Casings
  • Repair and Isolate Casings
  • Application of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors

NIS Protects & Preserves

Roles & Responsibilities

Owner/Inspector Designee

  • Serves as the Onsite Client Representative
  • Trained to Issue Work Permits on Behalf of the Client
  • Verifies Contractor Remains within the Scope of Work
  • Single Source Contact for Work Site


  • Pre-Assessment: Threat Analysis
  • Indirect Inspection:  Field Survey & Contractor Integrity
  • Direct Examination: Integrating Pre-Assessment and Indirect Assessment Information
  • Post-Assessment:  Summarizing Meaningful Results & Follow-Up Actions

Painting & Coating Inspections

  • NACE Certified Coating Inspectors
  • Detailed Coating Reports & Photos
  • Coating Application Quality Control
  • Coating Analysis


  • Create detailed hazard assessment
  • Direct oversight of crews at during work
  • Implements safe work methods
  • Evaluates work site conditions

“Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) is the cradle-to-grave approach of understanding and operating pipelines in a safe, reliable manner. PIM programs are systems managed by pipeline owner-operators that consider all stages of the pipeline life cycle, from conception, to engineering and design, construction, operation, inspection, and finally to repair/replacement when necessary.”

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